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Tender toes Classic fringe moccasin


Image of Tender toes Classic fringe moccasin

The classic and ultimate look of moccasin who loves the traditional fashion.

Made from #Pinatex that is from pinaapple leaf. It is ETHICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and ECONOMIC sustainable. Strong, lightweight and flexible, the pineapple leaves that are the source of the #Piñatex™ fibre are a waste product of an existing, established industry. This means:
🍍 no extra land, water, fertiliser or pesticide to grow them and
🍍 additional, stable income stream for farmers who traditionally experience seasonal fluctuation.
By choosing a product made from #Piñatex™ rather than leather you know that no toxic chemicals have run off in to waterways during its manufacture.
PETA approved, cruelty free so no animal was harmed, 100% vegan.